Learn How To Get The Glintstone Icecrag In Elden Ring

You'll find tons of cool sorcerers to collect as you fight your way across the tough lands amid the Elden Ring.  However, some of them, like Glintstone Icecrag, will require you to complete a quest or two.

The preceptor Celluvis can sell you Glintstone Icecrags at Seluvice Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes.  To access this part of the map, you'll need to travel to Caria Manor in the northwest part of the area, kill the owner there, and then depart through the back door.

You will be asked by Seluvius to bring a potion to the Nepheli Lux.  However, it is not your only option.  You can either return to the Roundtable hold and give him the potion, talk to Gideon Offnir and have him dispose of it, or retain it and give it to Dung Eaters later in the game.

Once you decide what to do with the potion, Celluvis will consider your work and give you a shop where you can do some rare sorcery.  Glintstone Icecrag is one of them, and it costs 7,500 runs to obtain.

There are some amazing and incredibly funny sorcerers that tarnished people can play in the Elden Ring.  While most of them may not be very effective in combat, some are actually quite cool to look at and have some amazing attack animations for players to enjoy.

An incredibly effective and extremely powerful sorcery in the game is the Glintstone Icecrag, which requires 15 Intelligences to use.  This spell is quite effective from near-to-mid range marks and allows tarnished people to throw a cold mass made of glintstones at the enemy.

The projectile does a great deal of damage and scales very well with Intelligence, and will also create a Frostbite status effect on enemies, after which they will deal 20% more damage to them and slow their recovery speed.

Green Star

Glintstone Icecrag Sorcery is something that players will not be able to do at the beginning of the game, and will have to take a while to advance the legend of the first Elden Ring.

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The item is obtained from the preceptor Seluvis in Rise of Seluvis in Liurnia of the Lakes, and the tarnished must begin the witch quest queen and take a long time to complete it before receiving the sorcery, even  That becomes an option as well.

Green Star

Glinstone Icecrag Sorcery is considered one of the most versatile spells in the game.  It measures up very well with intelligence, and is highly sought after by those who are building a pimple around frostbite.