Kevin Stefanski: Josh Dobbs gave the guys opportunities to make plays

With Jacoby Brissett taking over as Cleveland's starting quarterback while Deshan Watson serves his 11-game suspension, the Browns have Josh Dobbs and Josh Rosen competing for Brissette's backup.

Dobbs' performance in Sunday's preseason game against the Eagles would have propelled him firmly, and he did not impress with his passing.

After starting the game and playing a 55 percent offensive snap, the former Tennessee star finished 20 of 14 for 141 yards, including 4 carries for 47 yards with 3 touchdowns.  He added a 36-yard run, escaping from tacklers in the backfield and swooping down the sidelines.

The first-quarter moment epitomized the versatility and elusiveness of Brown's third-string quarterback, who would likely serve as a backup for Jacoby Brissette, while Deshan Watson has been suspended for the first 11 games.

The Philadelphia Eagles' defeat in the first quarter of Sunday's 21-20 loss at FirstEnergy Stadium has left some wondering why Brissette would not back down from Dobbs when Watson sat outside.

On Sunday, August 21, the Browns were defeated 21–20 by the Philadelphia Eagles in a Week 2 preseason game in Cleveland.

But it was not for a lack of effectiveness on Dobbs' part, as Brown scored—two touchdowns and two field goals—on the four properties for which he was quarterback.

 Dobbs fit snugly inside Brown's offense, and the Kevin Stefanski offense really fits him well: short, timing throws, allowing him to roll out.