Is GTA 6 to blame for Red Dead Online updates being stopped? ❤️

With the latest GTA Online announcement, Rockstar Games finally gave its fans an update on the development of GTA 6.  Although the update was not very detailed, it did say that they are in the stage of allocating most of the resources for this upcoming game.

However, the fact that Rockstar Games is currently prioritizing development for GTA 6 didn't sit well with some fans, especially Red Dead Online fans.

In addition, no significant updates have arrived for Red Dead Online, and many fans have blamed GTA 6 for the lack of updates.  However, does this claim have any validity?  This article will attempt to investigate.

Is GTA 6 the reason behind the lack of any major updates for Red Dead Online?

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The above posts talk about the official announcement by Rockstar.  The announcement clearly states that Rockstar Games is prioritizing GTA 6.

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But note that nowhere does it say that they are leaving Red Dead Online.  Contrary to popular speculation, they are indeed in the process of making changes.

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This means that instead of the regular weekly updates that Rockstar Games releases for Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Online will only get monthly updates.  These updates may not be as extraordinary as the Grand Theft Auto Online update, but the game is still going to get minor updates.

The above statement may be the primary reason why many players believe that Rockstar Games has decided not to release any major themed updates for Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online fans, who have begged Rockstar for more significant fixes, are disappointed with the news.  Even with new improvements, Grand Theft Auto Online is still on the rise and doesn't seem to be going down anytime soon.


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GTA 6 is certainly the primary reason behind the lack of major updates for Red Dead Online, which is unfortunate news for Red Dead Online fans.  Considering the description in the Newswire article, it's clear that Red Dead Online is not a priority for Rockstar Games.