Iron Man's 10 Strongest Feats In The Comics, Ranked

He Fought Captain America To A Standstill During The Superhuman Civil War

Iron Man Pulled Five Battleships Across The Ocean With One Of His Old Armors

Punched Through A Vibranium/Adamantium Sphere Containing Stark Scientists

He One-Shot Both Captain Marvel And Gamora With His Advanced Prime Armor

Iron Man Knocked-Out A Magically-Enraged She-Hulk During Avengers Disassembled

He Created The Thorbuster Armor To Take On The Incredibly Powerful King Thor

He Took On Worldbreaker Hulk In His Enhanced Hulkbuster Armor During World War Hulk

Tony Defeated Magneto Using The Strength Of Jupiter's Magnetic Field During AvX

He Fractured The Cosmic-Powered Phoenix Force With His Phoenix-Buster Armor

Iron Man Faced Incredibly Powerful Dark Celestials With His Godkiller Mark II Armor