Dak, Parsons Among 20+ Players Out vs. Broncos

After a long, long time off the grid-iron, the Denver Broncos finally returned to host the Dallas Cowboys in Preseason Game 1 on Saturday night. ย 

There's no reason to risk any major starts from Wilson, or the Broncos, in the first preseason game.

This is an exhibition contest that offers little upside and a lot of downside risk for beginners.

Still, fans should be excited to get a glimpse of how the second and third team units are shaping up under this new coaching staff.

No matter how strange things happened between the Broncos and the Cowboys during Thursday's practice, this game may offer up significantly more fireworks than a traditional exhibition competition.

For now, here's how to make sure you don't miss the action of pre-season Game 1 as the Broncos go toe-to-toe with the Cowboys in Mile High City.

Gregory sent a message to Cowboy Nation, back in March, responding to jokes on Twitter, writing that the Cowboys have "a toxic fan base that believes I owe something to them. Laugh out loud."