How to plant wheat in Minecraft 1.19 update

How to plant wheat in Minecraft 1.19 update

Wheat is one of the main foods in Minecraft that players cannot survive without carrots, beets, potatoes and much more.

Mainly grown from seeds obtained from grass, wheat has some special uses that not every player would know of.

 Reduce horse's temper

Sometimes it can be difficult to tame wild horses.  You usually ride them after a while to win their temper.

 Craft cookies

A lot of users know how to make cakes using crops, but they may not know that wheat can also be used in cookie recipes.

 Increase compost level

Last but not least, one of the not least uses of wheat in Minecraft is raising compost levels to 65 percent.

If Minecraft players want to speed up their wheat development even more, they can use bone meal.  This useful little item can be made into a compost block.  They can also be broken with bones.

Using bone meal on many plant life, including wheat, will increase the stages of progression to make the crop grow faster.  For players who want to harvest their crops quickly, it is always helpful to have a small amount of bone meal.