How to Make Waterlogged Leaves in Minecraft 1.19

If you look at the history of Minecraft, it has always been players of Bedrock Edition who have sought feature parity.  But for a change, the Java version of the game didn't even have a great set of blocks that only came into the game with the Minecraft 1.19 update.

We'll first talk about the usefulness of waterlogged leaves, then discuss their crafting process.  But you can use the table to skip the crafting process straight away.

What Are Waterlogged Leaves in Minecraft?

As the name suggests, waterlogged cards in Minecraft are card blocks that have water trapped inside.

And even though it might sound like a glitch, it's an intentional feature that's been a part of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for a while.

Get Waterbucket in Minecraft

To make waterlogged leaves, you first need to get a bucket of water in Minecraft.  For that, you just need to use a crafting table in Minecraft to combine three iron ingots with the recipe in the screenshot below.

Waterlog Leaves in Minecraft

Lastly, to get waterlogged leaves in Minecraft, you need to equip a bucket of water and walk up to the blocks of leaves.  Then, you have to right-click on a block of leaves to drop water inside it, turning it into a block of leaves filled with water.

Remember that you can't lift a waterlogged block because it releases all the water when it breaks.  Using Silk Touch Enchantment on your tool also doesn't work.