How to Make a Sculk Farm in Minecraft 1.19

The Minecraft 1.19 update is here, and with it, we have tons of new game mechanics to explore.  Most of these mechanics are associated with the advent of different types of Skulk blocks in the game.

We'll cover skulk mechanics first and then prepare for form building.  But if you're in creative mode, use the table below to go straight to the process on how to make a skull farm.

What Is a Sculk Catalyst and How Does It Simplify XP Farms?

Skulk Catalyst is one of the most unique types of operational blocks added to the game with the Minecraft 1.19 update.  This is also the primary element we need to make our XP farm functional.

It works in a really simple way.  If a mob dies within 8 blocks of the Skull Trigger and leaves the experience, the Trigger disperses the Skull features around that location.

While stretching the features of the skull, the activator generates other types of scaly blocks, including regular scaly, scaly sensor, and scaly vein.

Get XP from Sculk Blocks

Green Star

The great thing about Skulk blocks in Minecraft is that they drop XP or experience jewels when mining.  This also applies to the nerves of the scalp.  Regardless of the tool you use, you're sure to get XP whenever you break a block from the Skulk family.

Green Star

So yes, killing any mobs around a Skulk Catalyst means you'll see Skulk features spawning around, which will quickly and easily reward you XP when broken.