How to install MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders for Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft has become an incredibly popular game, and its blocky and pixelated worlds and textures have become iconic.  As a result, similar looking games are often called Minecraft ripoffs.

However, the pixelated form of the game can be quite out of date, with players often placed in the same world for dozens of hours, and that's where shaders come in.

Shaders are mods that completely overhaul how the game offers lighting, water, and more.  Makeup Ultra Fast Shader is one of those shades that up the game a lot.

Tea Shader

T Shader 1.19 is a simple yet elegant low-end shader.  Its style is similar to the original graphics

Super Duper Vanilla Shaders

Super Duper Vanilla Shaders 1.19 is a shader pack developed by Aldeston and powered by FlamRender Studios.

 MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders

Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders 1.19 is a unique shader pack with great optimizations for low-end PCs.  All effects and details of this shader can be changed

 Sildur’s Enhanced Default Shaders

Sildur's Enhanced Defaults 1.19 is a simplified version of Sildur's Vibrant Shaders. 

Builders QOL Shaders

Builders QOL Shaders 1.19 are great shaders that work especially well on low-end PCs.  It adds some features to make the game look good.