How To Increase FPS In Apex Legends Mobile? Follow These Steps!

Apex Legends Mobile has been tested for months to make sure that it runs well on most smartphones.  However, considering how intense the gameplay can be and the modern graphics

You may face problems with FPS (frames per second).  A low FPS will hinder normal gameplay.

Since Respawn has provided the player with a lot of graphics settings, it can be a bit confusing for most players.

Graphics Quality - This is a self-explanatory setting.  Options like UltraHD or ExtremeHD will test your smartphone.  They will deliver the best possible graphics at the cost of battery life and performance issues.  Use this option only if you are using the most premium smartphone.

Frame rate – This is an important setting that determines the frame rate you will get for your game.  Higher frame rates mean smoother gameplay and faster response times.  However, these high frame rates will also tax your smartphone.

Adaptive Smoothing - This is a more advanced setting.  If you are unsure of the graphics quality setting, enabling Adaptive Smoothing will allow the application to choose the best graphics settings based on your Frame Rate option selection.

Display FPS – This option will show you how many FPS you are getting after changing the setting.  This is a good option for those who want to monitor their device's performance or tweak their gameplay options for easier gameplay.

There's a good reason why we're focusing on 60FPS.  Basically, this is the best possible framerate for a shooting game.  Low frame rates will result in choppy gameplay and a lot of stuttering, leading to a poor gaming experience.

The highest possible FPS is always the best option in the game.  Also, in Apex Legends Mobile, every second counts and you have to move faster or shoot faster than your opponents.