How to get Beast Balls in Pokemon GO

Multiple Blue Rings

Pokémon Go recently heralded the arrival of Ultra Beasts, the Pokémon that emerged from beyond the stars.  As a result, Niantic also includes Beast Balls, which improves your chances of getting these Pokémon.

Considering the difficulty of catching Pokémon Go's Ultra Beasts, keeping a few Beast Balls on hand isn't a bad thing.  Not only should this increase the chances of players catching one of the iconic Pokémon

But also reduce the number of Pokeballs they use during the catch encounter.  Overall, keeping as many Beast Balls on hand as possible is a wise strategy for a trainer looking for Ultra Beasts.

To celebrate the arrival of Season of Go, Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Go, Niantic is bringing Ultra Beasts to upcoming Go Fest events.

Pokemon GO: How to obtain the game's new Beast Balls

These themed events will take place in certain parts of the world, including Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo.  Sadly, this limits the number of coaches that can receive Beast Balls, as players outside these events cannot yet receive them.

Before players can visit the physical location of the Go Fest event, they must purchase a ticket for it.  This can be done either in-game through the game's shop feature or by purchasing tickets on the official Pokemon Go site.

Obtaining Beast Balls in Future GO Fests

It's unclear whether the Beast Balls will appear outside of these Season of Go events or whether they will remain exclusive to them.

However, some players have speculated that Ultra Beasts would later arrive in raid traditional games, giving players the ability to capture them by completing raid battles.

This is unconfirmed, and there is no guarantee that Beast Balls will be included in the equation, but the possibility exists regardless.  Otherwise, trainers can expect to catch Ultra Beasts with the normal Premier Balls obtained after completing the raid.

It's possible that Niantic will eventually remove gated availability for these items.  For the time being, however, trainers will have to go the extra mile to use Beast Balls in-game.