How to download PUBG Mobile 2.1 beta version APK on Android

PUBG Mobile, as always, is following its normal process of releasing the beta version of its upcoming update to its players to streamline the gaming experience and fix bugs.

that players usually spot and report during this beta phase.  The current beta that is going on is for PUBG Mobile Update 2.1 which will be released soon in the coming weeks.

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta version update patch notes

Every game that releases a new version must also release a beta version, which indicates that new features will be available.  As a result, developers will need to test the game through beta testing to ensure that there are no bugs, glitches or other problems.

Players are waiting for this beta version of PUBG Mobile, especially in 2.1, as it will have major upgrades.  As a result, this time we will talk about some new features in version 2.1.

 The map of Livik has gone through quite a few drastic and noticeable changes over the past few months.  It has changed from being a beta version map to an official map in its pre status of about 2 years.

Aftermath mode is also introduced with many features like recoil, zipline, new gun sights and vehicle.  In this beta, it will include a radar tower and a semi truck, among other unknown changes.

 Beta version plays an important role to make the upcoming update smooth and free from any bugs and glitches.

Free Fire boasts of a unique collection of cosmetics.  Garena periodically offers costume bundles to players through the Diamond Royale and Gold Royale events.

Player feedback is important, and the PUBG Mobile developers are certainly taking this into account by taking their opinion from playing the beta test server.