How to do the duplication glitch in Minecraft Bedrock Edition in 2022

Players must make a copy of their world to take precautions against this repetitive method. Malfunctioning the game can cause major problems and corrupt the player's world.

Step 1: Players should create a backup of their world

Minecraft players who want to duplicate big ticket items like diamonds and armor should make sure that all of the items they want to duplicate are located on their hotbar.

Step 2: Place the Minecraft items to duplicate on the hotbar

Once players place the items they want to duplicate on their hotbar, they must put down a chest. It should be located in an area where players can easily dig the blocks next to it.

Step 3: Place a chest

As soon as the players have placed the chest, they must dig out the six dirt blocks near the best. Once players have done this, they will want to save and exit the game.

Step 4: Dig out six blocks near the chest and collect the dirt

Once players have escaped and exited, they will want to re-enter the world they just left.

Step 5: Enter back into the Minecraft world

Players must quickly place all the items inside the chest they wish to imitate.

Step 6: Place the items to be duplicated in the chest

Immediately after placing the items in the chest, put all six dirt blocks back into the hole.

Step 7: Place down the dirt blocks back into the hole

The second last block goes into the hole, exit the game in the console menu and force-exit. On PC, this must be done by hitting ALT+F4.

Step 8: Force quit Minecraft

Once players have re-entered their world, if they mess up correctly, they will find that they still have items on the toolbar, and they also have items inside the chest.

Step 9: Launch the game and re-enter the Minecraft world

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