How to change your skin in Minecraft 1.19


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In Minecraft 1.19, players can easily change skins in both Java and Bedrock.  Skins are designs that players can use to personalize their in-game characters.  Over the years, millions of skins have been created by players.

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Many newcomers are constantly joining the popular sandbox game and must be aware of how to change their skins to feel at home in the game's vast world.

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Although the Bedrock version has more extensive and convenient skin customization, the Java version offers loads of skin options available online by other players.

Java Edition

Changing or creating custom skins in Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition is a bit tricky compared to Bedrock Edition.  Players must first find or create a new skin online.  Many websites offer several skins and other skin maker apps to create new ones, some of the best being 'Skindex' and 'NovaSkin'.

Bedrock Edition

The Bedrock version gives players a lot of customization options where they can add many accessories to their character such as wings, hats, glasses, shoes, and more.  Unlike the Java version, these accessories also have a 3D effect on the skin, making it look more detailed.

When players are done changing the skin, they can simply return to the game and the updated changes will be applied to their skins.

Players can then download the skin as a PNG file.  Next, they have to open the official game launcher and select the Java version.  Under the game version, users have to select 'Skins' from the tab at the top.  Here, they will be able to see all the available skins and add a new one.

If they already have a skin loaded into the launcher, they can simply select it and click the save button in the bottom right to apply it, or choose a new one to add the downloaded skin to the launcher.  You can click the skin button.

Once this process is completed, they will be able to see their new skin applied in the game.