How to activate a conduit in Minecraft 1.19 update

Every block in Minecraft has some purpose, whether it's a purely cosmetic block or a workbench-type block such as a crafting table, furnace, smoker, fletching table, or smithing table.  In addition to workbench blocks, players can also encounter other unique blocks such as a beacon and a block similar to a beacon called a conduit.

There are Groove Blocks that grant a ton of different buffs or bonuses to any player around them which, in turn, is done with the use of the Groove Power status effect.  Another great feature with this block is its ability to attack hostile mobs within target range.

The buffs or bonuses that come with the Conduit Power status effect are from water breathing, night vision, and haste effects.  Of these, Night Vision and Haste effects can only be achieved if the player is underwater within conduit's range.

A guide to activating these special blocks in Minecraft 1.19 ❤️

Drains are special blocks that players can set up anywhere but are mostly placed under water.  This is because the drain block has a unique connection to the water.

Because of this connection, the Drain Power position effect only applies to players who are either underwater or under water or exposed to rain.

For a player to activate a drain, they must first ensure that the drain is surrounded by a 3x3x3 amount of water.  This water can include source blocks, waterlogged blocks or running water.

Speaking of the activation frame, players need to build a frame consisting of three 5X5 squares, with the groove block placed in the center.

On top of this, the frame is to be built using specific blocks, such as Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, and Marine Lantern Blocks.

Another thing that players should keep in mind when building a gutter frame is that they cannot use prismarine slabs, stairs, or walls to build it.  Use of these types or any other type of block will result in the activation process not working

When a groove is activated using an activation frame, the player will see the groove block's texture in the Heart of the Sea item's texture, which is a part of the groove block's crafting recipe.