How many hours is God of War: Ghost of Sparta?

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While we here at the Push Square office are huge fans of Kratos, not every PlayStation fan shares our affection.  The constant wrath of a spartan warrior accompanies many followers

Despite being oddly slotted among God of War games, God of War: Ghost of Sparta attempts to explain the logic behind Kratos' fury.

Don't get us wrong, Kratos is still raging in Ghost of Sparta — but some new elements of his character are revealed here, which makes it essential from a narrative stance.

Some areas of Ready at Dawn Touch On can be ham-fisted, but Ghost of Sparta will change your perception of Kratos, even if you still dislike the anti-hero.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta brings with it the traditional mix of platforming, combat and insane boss-fights.  This formula fits perfectly on the PSP, largely because of God of War's fixed camera perspective.

Many other games rely on second analog sticks, but God of War isn't one of them and thus Sony's transition to handhelds is perfect.

Ready at Dawn almost perfected the balance and tempo in Ghost of Sparta, with slightly less emphasis on combat than in their previous PSP release, God of War: Chains of Olympus.

If there was any criticism on Ready at Dawn's previous PSP title, Chains of Olympus, it was targeted towards a relatively brief campaign.

Ghost of Sparta is particularly long, with a campaign spanning around six to ten hours depending on difficulty or play style.  The game gets its length with original content - there's very little repetition here, so it's not artificially expanded.

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