How do I improve my headshot in PUBG mobile?

This is complete guide for Auto Headshot PUBG MobileTips and Tricks.  Here I have shared some techniques by which you can improve your aiming accuracy and master headshot in PUBG like it is happening automatically.

Many people use PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot File Download 2022, Auto Headshot Config PUBG Mobile, which is completely illegal method and not allowed by the game, and you should never use such things.

So we will use 100% legal methods allowed by game developers so that we will not face any problem or restrictions in future.

pubg mobile is survival game and the last surviving party wins the match but to win the game with maximum points you have to eliminate the opponents.  And to eliminate opponents quickly, headshots are the best thing you can do.

Auto Headshot PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

There can be hundreds of tips and tricks to improve PUBG Mobile headshot accuracy.  By following these tips and tricks, your accuracy will be simply amazing.

Aim Assist

The aim assist feature is available in PUBG Mobile as well as BGMI.  It helps you aim accurately and improves headshots.  It has been observed that players who play with Aim Assist enabled have better aiming accuracy than Aim Assist Off.

Sensitivity Settings

Mobile sensitivity settings are an important part of the game in PUBG.  A slight variation in sensitivity can ruin all your gameplay, so it is highly recommended to have a perfect sensitivity for headshots as per your expertise.

Prone & Shoot

For still shots, it is recommended to shoot in prone.  If you are aiming headshot or spray in prone, the ammo will not dissipate and recoil will be under control.  So by stabilizing your target, the headshot in PUBG Mobile can be improved a lot.


In PUBG Mobile and BGMI you can control your aim by simply tilting your device.  In my opinion you should play with Gyroscope On because so many eSports players use it, and they have advised their followers to use this feature as well.