How do I auto aim in PUBG Mobile?

Pubg sensitivity to aim is of utmost importance to improve your gameplay and win it.  To improve aiming In PUBG Sensitivity, to win any game involving a gun it is necessary to have your aim accurate, as the player will not be able to hit the target.

A player cannot win shooting games like PUBG and Pakhwada without proper aiming ability

Adjusting the sensitivity is one of the best ways to improve your target  Here are some suggested sensitivity settings to improve your aim and hit those enemies with the right aim.

How to Improve Aim in PUBG

PUBG has become the favorite game of players, millions of people across the world are using it.  This is a challenging game where the fighting can be fierce sometimes.

The winner is decided on the basis of survival till the last in the game.  Therefore, opponents are everywhere in this game to improve your aim in PUBG and shoot your opponents to win.

So, here are some tricks and tips that will help you aim and shoot better in PUBG, subsequently enhancing your overall gaming experience

1. Adjust PUBG Sensitivity to Improve Aim in PUBG

2. Enabling Aim Assist will improve Aim in PUBG

3. Adjust the Crosshair Position will Improve Aim in PUBG

4. Improve Aim In PUBG by Bringing in the Gyroscope

The gyroscope uses the orientation and rotational dynamics of the screen to provide the player with the best aiming direction.  Use it, and you will see improvement in your goal.