free fire pro tips and tricks 2022

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Sensitivity is the key setting for faster and faster motion in Free Fire. The sensitivity setting may vary depending on the device you are using to play it.

1. Sensitivity:

A pro player always keeps the settings highly customized as compared to the default settings.

2. Settings:

There are more than twenty characters in Free Fire but the most important thing is to choose the right and suitable character for yourself.

3. Character Selection:

Each character can have up to three more skills than the other characters.

4. Best Character Skill Combination:

Landing is very important role in game to become pro player in free fire.

5. Correct Landing: 

I guess, I don't need to explain what is Glue Wall in Free Fire. If you are very new to this game let me give you a brief description of it.

6. Gloo Wall:

Which gun to use when enemy is in front matters a lot to become a pro in free fire. A pro player always goes for the best gun in a particular situation.

7. Gun Selection:

You should always try to be in cover whenever you are interacting with the enemy. That cover can be permanent or temporary.

8.  Be in Cover:

Jump and shoot is very popular among system pro players.

9. Jump And Shoot:

If you really want to BOYAH! Every now and then you should know that field strategy and predictions can make this possible.

10. Zone Strategy and Predictions: