horizon zero dawn tips and tricks for beginners

Guerrilla Games recently released the full version of its action-role-playing game Horizon: Zero Dawn, allowing you to play through both the main campaign and its DLC, The Frozen Wilds.

Modify your equipment

The weapon system in Horizon Zero Dawn can be quite confusing to begin with, but it's incredibly useful once you get the hang of it.  You can add modifications to your items to improve the abilities of the alloy

Focus on your environment

Confused about the plot?  Or just want to know more about a particular place in the game?  All over the world you can find items to scan with your focus to reveal additional information.

Tag everything to keep track of threats

You'll find your focus very early on the horizon, and it's one of the most invaluable tools to have in your arsenal.  Tapping R3 will bring up a glowing purple circle around you

Use Override to get a temporary friend in battle

After you've completed proving and traveling through your first cauldron, you'll earn the Override ability, which lets you hack into robots and temporarily turn them into your ally.


The game lets you select one quest and one route at a time.  That aside, I'm glad it doesn't let me litter the screen with icons lurking at me in every direction.


Traveling on foot is useful for gathering resources and locating hidden item caches, but sometimes you just want to be chased.


Once you get to the game's central hub—the name of a city called Meridian that's a major clash of Game of Thrones' King's Landing and Braavos—your quest will span miles of terrain and be interrupted by packs of beasts.

This basic logic applies to all beings.  Experiment with your weapons, and don't assume that one method is the best.  Scan the battle for weaknesses, change modifications, kill robots.