How to Be Successful Quickly in Minecraft

Finding the Right Seed

When it comes to Minecraft terrain, the seed you start with is everything.

Build a Base, Keep it Stocked

One of the most important parts of living long is having a place to call home.

Set Goals and Plan It Out

Like most things in life, maintaining a long-term world begins with setting goals.

Explore and Map the World

The world of Minecraft is essentially infinite, which means it can be easy to go on an adventure, only to get horribly lost.

Learn New Styles

There are almost as many play styles as there are players in Minecraft. However, these can be distilled to many, more generalized, styles.

Transportation Network

If you don't have an easy way to move around it can be difficult to be in the same world for a long time.

Multiple Projects

Having multiple projects to work on will make your time in a single world even more interesting.

Don't Cheat

Nothing kills the long-term world faster than feeling like you've deceived yourself.

 Make Back-Ups

This last tip may be the most important. The old cliché that "things happen," is completely true.

Make a Furnace

Use stone to make furnace on your crafting table. The recipe has stones on every slot except the middle.