Hasty Balloons challenge in Clash of Clans: Information, rewards, and more

One of the best ways to get extra gems, elixir, money, experience points, magic tools, and more in Clash of Clans is by participating in events and taking part in unique in-game troop challenges like Wizard of Away and the Heisty Balloon.

The most recent military challenge in the game is the "Haste Balloons" challenge, which requires players to use a certain amount of balloons to structure their army.

Latest in-game troop challenge in Clash of Clans

Multiple Blue Rings

The most recent military challenge in the game is the Hasty Balloon Challenge, located in the Events section of the game.

Players must deploy a deadly combo of balloons and haste spells during this challenge to win the multiplayer game and receive extra rewards.

As the name suggests, the hasty balloon challenge involves the deadliest combination of troops and spells in the game.  It is recommended that players use balloons containing the Hust spell to win multiplayer battles.

To complete the Hasty Balloon task, players must use balloons in at least ten multiplayer battles, similar to the Tiny & Shiny, Medium Rare, and Titanic Strength challenges.

Each victory in the multiplayer battle involving balloons advances the progress bar of the challenge, and participants will receive unique gifts after their tenth victory.

Players must win multiplayer battles, otherwise, the battle will not be counted in the progress bar.  You can easily clear the bases by using powerful air soldiers like Lava Hounds, Dragons, Electro Dragons and Dragon Riders with Balloons.