gta vice city game download for android apk + obb 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is another series of Cult GTA games.  The participant will go to the distant 80s of the last century, where he can afford whatever he wants

There are absolutely no restrictions - if you wish, drive any car of your choice and enjoy the picturesque scenery that opens in front of you, or if you prefer, choose the way to complete the tasks and go in search of adventure  .

In GTA Vice City game for Android, you'll find a huge city where only law-abiding citizens live by the rules.  But there are no laws for the hero.

Complete difficult tasks, most of which are tied to bandit movements or arcade passing missions.  The main character is Tommy Versetti - a boy who has recently been released from prison.

In order to earn money and gain respect, he begins to obey the orders of influential officials, and at the same time does not refuse to perform side assignments.

You have to break the law, since by completing the tasks obtained in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, get ready for the fact that the police will be interested in you.  True, this interest can be slightly reduced with a small monetary bribe, but still you should not forget too much.

If you go to prison, then in order to be released, you will need an amount several times higher than the usual bribe, and the mission completed at the time of imprisonment will not count.

Steal any car you like and drive on the city streets or explore the amazingly beautiful city on foot.  In the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, any type of transport is available, including aircraft and a variety of weapons.

GTA Vice City will cause a pleasant nostalgia for previously released parts of the game.  In addition, the mobile version of the legendary and very popular series over the years not only managed to retain all the features of the previously released "Computer" part

But even in terms of completeness of the plot, it left it far behind.  And the graphics are so realistic that it's easy to lose track of time.