The Most Brutal and Shocking Deaths in gta 5

Floyd & Debra

Poor Floyd. He wanted to have an honest and simple life in Los Santos with his fiancée Debra, but Trevor just had to show up and ruin everything.

Tahir Saeed & Ahmed Khaleel

When these two characters suspiciously demanded that Joseph meet them at the top of the very tall Rotterdam Tower, Joseph knew something was up, and sent the hero Louis in his place.

Giovanni Casa

Well, it was a fitting ending for a butcher. When he fails to pay the security deposit, Tony is sent to kill Casa, and what a death it is.


After Gonzalez betrayed Cortez by collaborating with Diaz, it was time for him to leave. But not in any old fashioned way!

Devin Weston

Weston is one of San Andreas's most influential billionaires, and following his plot to kill Michael's family, he orders Franklin to kill Michael.

Molly Schultz

Speaking of Weston, here we have his personal lawyer and lieutenant. Molly is chased by Michael after Weston asks him to steal Michael's film.

Johnny Klebitz

And that's how we knew Trevor Phillips was going to be a creepy dude. After the events of "The Lost and Damned", Johnny moved to San Andreas.

Darko Brevic

Darko Breivik is the man responsible for screwing Niko and his fellow squad mates by selling them to enemy forces.

Construction Foreman

The construction foreman only appears in one mission, but did he make a similar impression on all of us.

Trevor Philips

The most psychic character in GTA history also has the most violent death, and it's hard to watch.