GTA 5: 10 NEW Things Discovered By Fans

GTA Online fans are always excited for new DLC content from Rockstar. Over the years, a lot has happened from the Diamond Casino heist to the agency business and beyond.

With each new DLC comes new updates that aim to improve the player experience, even though occasionally glitches and similar issues are included.

Updating the game with DLC content is an important part of becoming GTA Online. This article will look at five DLCs that GTA fans may one day want to offer.

The YouTube video above shows a medium that allows gamers to earn extra money by robbing people's homes, with the prime example being this.

More robbery options

Rockstar fans would be overjoyed if a DLC was added that allowed gamers to access a variety of real job roles in and around Los Santos.

 New game modes

The YouTube video above comes from @The Gamers World and shows Michael transporting and riding horses into the game with his high-end safety cars.

New and interactive animals

While new locations like Cayo Perico Island have been added, GTA Online fans will want to see more DLC that includes adding new locations to the map.

 New locations

There are many GTA mods out there that create a zombie apocalypse that players must live through.