God of War Strategy Guide

Having a God of War guide and walkthrough to hand will certainly assist you on your journey through the nine realms, as there is so much to take in and understand along the way.

You'll encounter puzzles to decipher, bosses to defeat, rare armor and weapons to add to your arsenal, upgrades to unlock, and more, so doing a full run down on God of War will take you to god level.  Climbing will help a lot immediately.

That's exactly what we're providing here for you, everything you need to know about God of War, gathered together in one place, detailing all the biggest challenges you'll face.  does.

There are many things you can do with a game the size of God of War, so some helpful pointers to set you on the right track certainly won't go wrong.  Check out our God of War tips for 11 things you should know before playing.

There are 11 Jotnar shrines to discover in God of War, each one of which reveals a new lore about the giants' history.  Only one of them is accessible during the course of the story, so if you want the rest of them you should follow our guide to finding Jotnar shrines, the god of war.

To open a Nornir chest, you'll need to find three runes that seal it, which usually involve breaking things or solving puzzles.

It's worth the effort, as they only contain things that can increase your max health and rage, so follow our God of War Nornir chest guide if you want to find and open them all.

We won't go too far here in Spoiler Town, but once you get to the God of War end-game content you'll find yourself battling against a series of Valkyries.  If you're looking for help defeating them, here are our tips for defeating the Valkyries, the god of war.

There are a series of 12 treasure maps to find and complete, which net you vital resources for you to upgrade your weapons and armor.  Conveniently they're all located around Lake Nine in Midgard, and here's how to find and solve all of War's treasure maps.