God of War 3 tips and tricks PS4

Arming yourself with some of the essential god of war's suggestions will mean you're well positioned to play your part as a great warrior, continuing Kratos' legacy from his son Atreus to a fearful marksman.  And they are also giving you training to become masters of arrows.

As you progress through your adventure in God of War, you'll face many challenges and obstacles, so knowing what gear to upgrade, how to defeat tough enemies, along with collectibles  What to do, and much more will lead you to victory.

If you're ready to face this rich world of Viking mythology and come out on top, we've got everything you need to know with our essential God of War tips.

1. Smash everything and boost the Luck stat to earn more hacksilver in God of War

2. How to make the best use of Atreus in combat

3. Learn what Kratos’ stats do in God of War

4. Only upgrade the armor and gear you’re using in God of War

5. Don’t ignore God of War's side missions if you want to level up faster

6. Sell all the collectibles in God of War, and your old armor

7. God of War’s Bestiary tells you how to defeat enemies