Free RPG Day is back — grab these 5 great games, including one from Critical Role

Free RPG Day is about building community, not growing business.  Instead, why don't you pick up a pamphlet, plop down on a table, and start playing one of those games right away?

Here are our picks of the five best tabletop role-playing games that you should be able to get off the ground with just a handful of inexperienced players and very little time.

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Danger in the Air

Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game is a throwback rule set by Goodman Games that evokes the same sense of danger and exploration as present in the original 1974 version of Dungeons & Dragons.

Level 1: The Indie RPG Anthology, Volume 3

Level 1: The indie RPG anthology is back with its third issue this year, and it's filled with basically thoughtful rules-and-light RPGs.

A Familiar Problem

A Familiar Problem is a light-hearted game with excellent authenticity;  It was co-produced by Critical Role's Marisha Ray and Honey Heist producer Grant Howitt.

Rolled & Told Volume 1

The most important offering for free RPG day this year is Rolled and Told Volume 1, a full-size hardcover book first published in 2019.

Homeworld Revelations

Finally, among the officially licensed goodies on offer during Free RPG Day, by far the most interesting is the softcover quickstart guide to Homeworld Revelations, the high-concept tabletop RPG based on the beloved real-time strategy series.

Rolled:Told Volume most significant offering for

This Year is Free, a full-size hardbound publication that was initially released in 2019.  Day Rolled and Told Volume 1 is a collection of 7 iterations from the And and It collection.

Polygon got a chance to preview all of the content that was being offered during this year's Free RPG Day.