Fortnite: Top 5 most disappointing events

Multiple Blue Rings

Epic Games has released some major updates to Fortnite Battle Royale over the years.  Unfortunately, not all of these were well received by the community.

In an effort to make the game more popular, the development team has had a few setbacks.  The community was disappointed with some of the things that happened in the game, but overall, it was a good learning experience for Epic.

In this article, we'll list the top five most disappointing events in Fortnite Battle Royale history.  Players should note that this list is not about live events taking place in the game, but mostly about questionable decisions made by Epic Games.

The Final Showdown event did not bring many map changes

The Final Showdown live event took place in the final weeks of Season 9.  It featured an epic battle between the mecha and the Devourer.  In the end, Mecha defeated the Polar Peak monster and saved the world.

Chapter 2 Season 1 was too long

When Fortnite Battle Royale transitioned to Chapter 2, everyone was excited.  There was a new island with new locations, gameplay mechanics, a refreshed user interface, and more.

The aftermath of Operation: Sky Fire was a huge letdown

Operation: Sky Fire was one of the best and action packed events ever.  Dr. Sloan leads the Loopers to The Mothership in an attempt to sabotage The Last Reality.  However, he betrayed his allies and left them to die on the ship.

Vaulting of Klombos

Fortnite Battle Royale players can interact with many different animals in the game, but none is quite as amazing as Klombos.  He was first added to the game in Chapter 3 Season 1 and players loved him!

Vaulting of patch notes

Back in Chapter 1, Epic Games released patch notes for each update it released.  He included both major and minor updates, and revealed all the changes that had come to the game.

Epic Games probably did this because a lot of players complained about the changes, and even if it's understandable, it would be more interesting to learn more about them with the patch notes.

Given that detailed patch notes haven't surfaced in over two years, Epic most likely won't be bringing them back.  This could be one of those things that only Chapter 1 players will remember.