Fortnite: Tips & Tricks for the Advanced Player

Fortnite can be hard to learn, intense to master.  Here is a guide that will help players with advanced tips and tricks in Battle Royale of Fortnite.

Fortnite has evolved in a way that the career has evolved around being a pro in the game.  Streamers like Ninja in Fortnite have dominated the gaming landscape with their personalities and skills.

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Fortnite Players On Improving Accuracy

The first of these tips is how to improve weapon accuracy in the game.  Players will notice as they shoot, the center reticle will expand, making it difficult to land shots consistently.

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Fortnite Players On Wood Doors

Building is a fundamental element to be successful in Fortnite.  Apart from shooting, this is the most important element.  In a recent update, wooden doors have developed a new but important feature.

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Fortnite Players On Launch Pads

The launch pad can be the difference between a win royal or a defeat.  To start with, they are a very rare spawn, so it's important to be sure to use them properly.

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Fortnite Players On Building

As mentioned, building is one of the most important aspects of being successful in Fortnite.  Top level players depend on it to be successful.  If the player is shot, especially in the event of a sniper bullet, build up immediately.

Always try to stay above the ground.

High ground is the strongest position in the game - it is harder for you to spot and hit, it allows for easier kills and gives you the best visibility of your surroundings.  Try to fortify your position on the roof of a city, or if you can, build a cover on the tallest building in a safe area.

Landing in the perfect town

Cities are some of the most fascinating and yet most dangerous places in Fortnite.  You break into a building, hoping for a useful loot, and are killed by a sober resident.

Learn how to build a zig-zag base

This construction can protect you from as much damage as the enemy can shatter.  It's also great for holding grenades and protecting you from other explosives.

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