Elden Ring PC Performance Simply Isn't Good Enough

Elden Ring was eventually released to widespread critical acclaim and many believed that FromSoftware would record sales for the title.

But the PC version of the much-anticipated game has sadly been plagued by various bugs, glitches and general performance issues that are preventing many players from diving into the open-world RPG epic.

 While it is entirely possible to play Elden Ring on PC and not face significant performance issues, most PC players can expect to face some technical issues at some point.

FromSoftware is rolling out patches for the game, but it looks like some of those patches may have provoked rather than actually addressed the game's issues.

So while there are quite a few technical problems you may encounter while playing Elden Ring on PC, here is how to fix a few of the most common issues.

Elden Ring: How to Fix Screen Tearing

While screen tearing is thankfully not common in the Elden Ring (at least compared to other issues), some PC players are particularly concerned about demanding moments, such as instances of a small visual "tear" during major boss fights.  are reporting.  This is not good.

What's worse is that there's no easy way to fix this problem in the settings of the Elden Ring.  You can try playing the game in borderless windowed mode, which seems to help a lot of people, but it's not the universal fix that it would ideally.

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