Deleted GTA Vice City mission cast Tommy Vercetti in a movie

Youtuber Vadim M found the hidden code in the recently remastered Vice City: Definitive Edition.  Curiously, the code is not on the original retail copy of the game, hence why it was only discovered.

Instead, Grove Street Games, the studio tasked with developing the definitive versions, failed to find that the original source code contained several files flagged for internal use only, so leaving it in the final build (thanks  , PCGamesN).

Vadim pieced together the code for a mission source file titled "Movie Demo", which includes a cutscene that shows Tommy Varsetti leaving the police station in Ocean Beach, and being chased into a Malibu club by two gangsters.  He is going.

A shootout ensues and Tommy runs into a banshee driven by a mate.  Their freedom is short-lived, however, the car immediately crashes into a few barrels and explodes, leaving them "dead".

Vadim also found fragments of cut dialogue where filmmaker Steve Scott, played by Dennis Hopper, called Tommy to star in a car chase scene.

Nearly 20 years after its original release in 2002, GTA Vice City continues to amaze as a dataminer uncovers remnants of code that point to a cut mission in the Miami-based title.

Interestingly, however, the code was not found on the original copy of the game, but on a copy of the release of GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition, which explains why it was never found before.

According to PCGamesN, Grove Street Games — the studio that was responsible for creating the definitive version for GTA The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition — missed parts of the source code that were flagged for internal use only, and added the code.  Making left in the final.

These flagged pieces of code are probably because we've never heard of this cut mission before, and after they were dropped in the recent release of GTA The Trilogy, dataminers were bound to find them.