Darwin Núñez will unleash unstoppable pairing at Liverpool and take Mohamed Salah to new level

UK  Even in sports it should be a slow period.  Dart league or cricket game (match?) not even going on?

It could be the record-breaking heat that made fans more irritable than normal.

The Uruguay striker failed to score in his first two appearances, and the reaction of Twitter's always rational people was to call him a flop and complain about the starting 11.

"This generation of players reads social media, which isn't really smart, but they do. Suddenly you're in a rush and stuff like that. Clearly that's the best way to stop all these discussions  Is."

Unfortunately for Klopp, social media is a benefit.  Players do not delete Twitter because of how they will continue to correspond with their fans.

I'm sure the same critics who posted their displeasure about Nunez's first two matches will stick to their point.

That's what it's really about.  Reds fans just lost one of their boys, and they want to be charmed by the new acquisition.

Well, if four goals in the half don't count as temptation, I'll have to rethink my approach to third dates.