top 10 Coolest Minecraft Monster


Lava has always been known as an element that should not be crossed or touched.


Prior to the 1.16 update, trading items were only possible with passive mobs such as villagers or wandering merchants.


The Phantom has been a major problem for Minecrafters since its announcement during the MINECON Earth event in 2017. Jeb, one of the game's developers.

The Guardian

When dealing with this hostile horde, Minecrafters need protective gear to counter the Guardian's mighty Lazarus-beam.

Iron Golem

These mobs may be the most useful in Minecraft, as the Iron Golem serves as the protector of its creator. 


Ocelots have become more domesticated than wolves, unlike them in Minecraft. Ocelots can be found in jungle biomes but players must be smart to catch one.


Wolves can do some things that Ocelots can't, such as attacking hostile mobs. Similar to ocelot, they can be tamed with bones instead of fish.


One of the only hordes to shoot arrows to attack players, Skeletons are a common mob that has been in Minecraft since the beginning.


"Dangerous" is an acronym for these monsters. The Ewokars are the wizard-like version of the villager who can shoot damaging claws and the little blue men with swords called Vex.

The Enderman

Enderman is one of the most terrifyingly hostile mobsters in Minecraft history. They are really smart and they can even teleport, which is a unique skill that no other mob has.