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Best Tips for Minecraft Beginners

Find a cave first

First find out the nearest cave before building the house. If there is no cave near your spawn point, just dig in the ground!

Learn about your modded world

Within the first few minutes of playing on a modified server or world, you'll have a few questions.

Don’t trust crocodiles

If you're in a modified world that combines crocodiles or crocodile hordes, don't even go near them.

Adjust your settings

Whenever I start a new Minecraft game, I always adjust my Stealth and Sprint keybinds. Personalize your settings for accessibility and comfort!

Bring a crafting table

Whenever you are planning to explore dimensions or mining, make sure you bring a crafting table with you.

Bring a bed

Another great thing you should bring along while you're searching? A bed! You can either make a craft out of sheep's wool or steal it from a village.

Cut the lawn

While many would say that a village is the best place to get early game provision, it is not always the closest place around to spawn.