top 10 best survival games ps4

top 10 best survival games ps4

Conan Exiles

A survival game perhaps best known for its will is what it brings to the table.

ARK: Survival Evolved

While it's true that ARK is still a bit optimized on the PS4, its kitchen sink appeal can't be denied.

How To Survive

A top down survival game, How to Survive opens with you crashing on an island that is swarmed with zombies.

Rust: Console Edition

It really is a miracle that Rust even initially works on PS4, because of how demanding it is even for high-end gaming PCs.

Death Road To Canada

The horse-masked game above, Death Road to Canada is pretty idiosyncratic in its nature, though with a dark twist here and there.


You know what Minecraft is; Your Nan knows what Minecraft is; People who have died for 100 years know what Minecraft is.

This War of Mine

Water traversal is never anyone's friend in video games.

The Long Dark

A post-apocalyptic survival game without zombies or any of the usual nonsense? Sign us up.

The Forest

While Forest falls into a somewhat familiar existential trap, there is much (quite literally) beneath the surface of this simple, enterprising life invader.