Best PC Games For Kids To Play Right Now



Mojang's masterpiece is not only incredibly popular - it's also one of the best games for players of all ages.

Stardew Valley

With adorable graphics, a free-form storyline, and heaps of content, Stardew Valley stands out as one of the best indie games around, and years of updates have only made it better over time.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a remaster of iconic games from decades ago.


Easy to learn but hard to master, Fortnite is one of the most accepted games around. From Marvel and DC to Marshmallow and the NFL, Fortnite has seen a variety of collaborations that give it wide appeal.

Minecraft Dungeons

Another entry on our list, another Minecraft title. Like its older sibling, Minecraft Dungeon offers a blocky, kid-friendly adventure that's easy for anyone to appreciate.


Roblox isn't just a game - it's also game-creation software. You are free to roam the worlds created by other players or create your own, giving it any theme you like.

Sonic Generations Collection

Sonic has existed for decades, and Sonic Generations was launched to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary.

Planet Zoo

Besides being a great simulation game, Planet Zoo is surprisingly educational.

Untitled Goose Game

Some might argue that Untitled Goose Game sets a bad example. Look, it's hard to disagree.

Splatoon 2

For the most part you'll want to keep your kids away from online shooters, but Splatoon 2 is an exception.