Best mods list for Minecraft 1.19 update

It's been almost a month since Mojang released the much awaited Minecraft 1.19 update.  The Wild update brings a slew of features, from beautiful and creepy biomes to adorable and monstrous creatures.

There are many features for casual and thrilling players as well as challenging terrain and battles for thrill seekers.  Players can further enjoy The Wild Update by using mods.  Several mods have already released newly updated versions to support The Wild Update.

With the mod, players can add new mobs, blocks, items, structures and other things to the blocky world of Minecraft.  In this article, players can find some of the best mods for the new version 1.19 update.


What better way to explore the new 1.19 biomes than by using shaders?  Optifine is a mod focused on improving the visual aspect of the game.  Players can add realistic lighting and textures using shaders in OptiFine.

With every major update, the game gets heavier and heavier, especially for low-end PCs.  Optifine can prove to be a boon for these unfortunate players.  With this mod, players get access to various scene settings.  By lowering these settings, the game will experience an increase in FPS.

Biomes O' Plenty

The Wild Update introduced only two new biomes to the game.  Two biomes seem low enough for an update boasting jungle in its title.  Players who feel the same way will love Biomes o' Plant Mode

This mod adds a lot of unique biomes to the three areas of Minecraft.  These new biomes have their own flora and fauna.  Along with the new biomes, players will also discover lots of new blocks and items in the Biomes o' Plenty mode.


The world in Minecraft is huge, and it's impossible to explore the whole world alone.  Players can still explore areas hundreds and thousands of blocks away from the spawn point, and it can take a long time to return to these locations.

 Macaw's Furniture

Macaw Furniture is one of the best furniture mods available for Minecraft.  With new mangrove wood, players are already building beautiful ones.  However, due to the lack of furniture, these constructions may lack personality and touches of life.

Xaero's World Map

Xaero's World Map Mod maps the world of Minecraft.  In this map, players can see the structures and biomes that appear on the surface.  This map works flawlessly with other mods and is often used in modpacks.