Best Minecraft Bedrock video settings in 2022

A player's video settings can determine whether their game is smooth enough to have playable lag.

If video settings are not optimized correctly for a player's computer type, they can experience a lot of unnecessary lag.

This article discusses the best video settings to reduce lag and improve the gaming experience on Minecraft.

For the first page in the video settings, there isn't much to change other than brightness.  It is best to keep the brightness at 100.

As for Hyde Hand, Hyde Paper Doll and Hyde HUD, these are all personal preferences.  Many players are unsure about what is paper doll and paper.

A doll is a small animation of a player character that appears in the right corner of the screen whenever the player is doing anything other than walking.

The next set of video setting options are also personal preferences.  Outline selection is a great feature to turn on because it shows players which blocks they are looking at, which is very useful when bridging.