top 10 best Minecraft city maps 

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Lined Circle

Tazader City

The city of Tzader has been updated with more skyscrapers, stadiums and hotels. Apart from hours you will be wasted exploring and enjoying this city in detail.

 Imperial City

A stunning collection of structures, the Imperial City is an original creation combining the dominant architectural styles of the 19th and 20th centuries.

 Sun City

This is a city map for Minecraft, it is inspired by Brazilian cities like Sao Paulo and Goiânia. The city is not very big yet, but not yet complete.


Atropos is an amazing Minecraft city built on a turtle. Not just a freak idea.

 Vertoak City

Vertok City is a massive city themed construction / adventure map for Minecraft. Unlike other maps, Vertok City has no goals or rules, you can search and do whatever you want

Future City

Future City is at the center of these intergalactic troubles. It is a world staggering with sweeping skyscrapers and modern technology.


The haunting realm of Pripyat has been ingrained in our minds ever since Call of Duty took us through the abandoned city of Chernobyl.

World of Worlds

Just one map with buildings from 85 cities around the world.