Best gameplay settings in Apex Legends Mobile

Your gameplay settings are where things get a little more complicated with all the options available. These are the best settings we've used while playing.

Try this setup for yourself, but feel free to use it as a baseline and tweak it to your preferences from here on, especially if you're playing on touch controls versus controllers.

– Auto Firing: Off – Left Fire Button: On – One-Tap ADS and Fire: Off – Bolt-Action Sniper Mode: Tap to Fire – Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode: Tap to fire – ADS Mode: Hold

– ADS Button Rotates Camera: Off – Aim Assist: On – TPP Optic: Classic – Auto-Open Doors: On – Auto Open Chests: On – Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty: On

– Continuous Throwing: On – Tactical Ability Release Method: Classic – Ultimate Use Method: Classic – Allow Squadmate Control When Offline: Off – Joystick Triggers Auto-Run: On

– Crouching Controls: Tap – Slide Jump Control: Classic – Use the Crouch Button to Rotate the Camera: On – Use the Jump Button to Rotate the Camera: On

– Climbing Control Mode: Classic – Climbing Prompt: Off – Zipline Button Settings: Display – Riding on Zipline Modes: Single Tap

– Vertical Zipline Interact Button: On – Vertical Zipline Direction Tips: On – Auto-Turn on Vertical Ziplines: Off – Assisted Zipline Floor Landing: Off – Linked Sensitivity Adjustment: Off

– FPS Without ADSAiming: 200% Shooting: 60% – TPP Without ADSAiming: 200% Shooting: 70% – Iron Sights 1x Optic ADS – Aiming: 45% – Shooting: 45%

– 2x Optic ADSAiming: 36% Shooting: 36% – 3x Optic ADSAiming: 26% Shooting: 26% – 4x Optic ADSAiming: 24% – Shooting: 24% – 6x Optic ADS

– Aiming: 18% Shooting: 18% – 8x Optic ADSAiming: 14% Shooting: 14% – Auto-Pickup: On – When Pickup List is Closed, Stop Auto-Pickup: Off

– Hide Pickup List During Combat: On – Auto-Pickup Interval: Short – Hold to Toggle Interval: Short

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