Best co-op rpg games for android

When someone thinks of online games, they usually think of competitive games, but co-op games also exist, and they are the perfect title to play with friends and family who are interested in competing.  Do not keep

That's why we've compiled the best co-op games currently available on Android here at AP, a perfect roundup for all of you looking for titles to play with your partner.

 1. Death Squared

Death Square from SMG Studio is a humorous and entertaining puzzle game centered around coordination, cooperation and giant explosions.

 2. Among Us

The popularity among us has grown over the past year or so, so it hardly needs any introduction.  Now that people have learned that this is an entertaining party game, I thought it was time to add it to AP's cooperative list.

 Crossy Road

Some of the best co-op games on mobile have a lively, cartoony, and light-hearted aesthetic.  One of the best games to add to your co-op mobile game library is the long-running game, Crossy Road.

 Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is a massive action RPG where humans and dragons co-exist.  This game is actually brought to life by Nintendo and you can feel the charm and radiance of Nintendo during your journey.


BombSquad combines all the best elements of the traditional party video game you know and love in one convenient package of mobile app.

 Mario Kart Tour

For those who can't get enough of the unbearable frustration caused by Nintendo versions of the Mario Kart franchise to play with friends, there's now a mobile version so that frustration can follow you anywhere!


The joy of mobile video games is their convenience.  They're available and optimized for devices you can take with you wherever you go—and still

 Pokemon GO

For its grip on the lives of anyone who's had a mobile phone for months after its 2016 release, Pokémon Go still stands strong as the pinnacle of multiplayer mobile games to play with your friends.