best anime on netflix for beginners

best anime on netflix for beginners


This brand new series follows Michiru - a naive teenage girl who lives in a world inhabited by human-like animals known as the Beastmen.

One-Punch Man

The perfect getaway anime, 'One-Punch Man', is suitable for the whole family. It follows Saitama.

Tokyo Ghoul

A cult classic, this spooky sci-fi is not for any scary cats. Full of gore and weird bits of cannibalism.


Another thriller for older audiences, Karegurui is a slow-burning mystery filled with gambling high-junk and funny-faced characters.


Sports lovers must try Haiku. This is your typical high-school drama and centers around the famous crows from Karasuno's volleyball team.

The Seven Deadly Sins

On the top five lists of many hardcore anime fans, The Seven Deadly Sins is not up to gold.

Your Lie In April

Kosi is a pianist and former child artist whose mother tragically passed away. After losing the ability to play.

No Game, No Life

If you're tempted by the idea of a gaming anime, try No Game, No Life — about a sibling duo who make up The Blanks.

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

When we were little, most of us had childhood dreams to be a celebrity or (much better) dog.