Best 10 Samurai Anime You should Watch

Samurai 7

The name is not just a coincidence or reference. Although the story is set in a post-apocalyptic time as opposed to medieval times, the series is based on the Kurosawa film Seven Samurai.


Although the manga series is extensive, consisting of several volumes that have been in circulation more or less since 2009, the anime consists of a single season composed of 26 episodes.

Blade Of The Immortal

If you thought an anime title was too dramatic, get loads of the original manga's insane title, The Inhabitant of Infinity.

Sword Of The Stranger

A stand-alone film unlike a series, Sword of the Stranger was released in 2007 and takes place in a historical but fictionalized era in Japan's past.

Gin Tama (Gintama)

Gintama is a fan favorite, and one of the most popular as well as critically successful samurai anime in existence.


The title means "Black Mound" and is a reference to a chilling tale of Onibaba, a malevolent type of spirit from Japanese folklore.

House Of Five Leaves

A samurai anime that comes highly recommended for its unique artwork alone, House of Five Lives also has a compelling drama behind a subtle plot.

Ninja Scroll

Another movie as opposed to a series, but the original samurai anime was popular enough to form an entire franchise and should probably be counted.

Samurai Champloo

The closest thing to being historically accurate when talking anime about Japan's move from a feudal society to an industrial society.

Afro Samurai

As if any more proof were needed that Samuel L. Jackson is really into everything, here's the gritty and handsome Afro samurai.