Top 7 GTA 5 most popular Characters 2022 [Updated]

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Victor Vance

Many fans may not know about Victor Vance, as he was the protagonist of Vice City Stories.

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As Grand Theft Auto III turns 20 this year, it really shows in the gameplay and even the protagonist.

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Since GTA V is the first game in the series to have multiple playable characters.

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Luis Lopez

One of the best things about GTA IV was how much bonus content the game had after its release.

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Johnny Klebitz

The Lost and the Damned follows Johnny, being the second part of the downloadable content for GTA IV.

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Tommy Vercetti

As it was even before Rockstar found its rhythm in creating compelling backstories for its protagonists.

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Although there are three playable characters in GTA V, Michael is essentially the main character of them all.