The Rockies - Sekko Boys

With an absolutely iconic earworm of an opening theme song, and featuring cameo performances from famous voice actors like Attack on Titan's Takehito Koyasu, Sekko Boys is a pretty unique idol show.

Customize Your Driving Controls

One of the first things that users need to keep in mind is their driving controls in Settings.

Optimizing The Nitro Usage

One of the best ways to get first place is knowing when to use nitro and when not.

Collecting Flags

Collecting flags is of vital importance in Asphalt 9 as it helps players progress through the season.

Upgrading Cars

Upgrading cars to the highest possible level gives you the advantage of winning the race.

Replaying Races For More Cash

It's important to replay the race, even if you've won it before. Replaying race gives players the opportunity to get more cash.

Asphalt 9: Best Cars From Each Class

Speaking of the best cars in Asphalt 9: Legends, things can get pretty confusing for new players.

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