Apex Legends: Top 10 Tips and Strategies

Even the pros sometimes slip up and assume they are safe after wiping out an enemy team. No player in Apex is safe until he is the only team in the match.

Armor First

There are few buildings in the game that have vertical ziplines, and they are one of the best ways to deal with multiple enemies.

Use Ziplines When Outnumbered

It's tempting to push through doors as fast as possible and take the fight to opposing players.

Don't Kick Open Doors

Because speed is so important in Apex, players should take the time to familiarize themselves with the buildings and structures on each map.

Checking Peek Locations And Entrances

The new Apex players want to be the dominant players as they arrive. Unfortunately, the learning curve in Apex is the same as in every FPS game.

Lower Your Sensitivity

Apex Legends is a movement-based FPS game. Professional players are always jumping and sliding around the map.

Rail Sliding

Surprisingly, what many players don't realize is that the minimap will show the zone glowing when no player is in the new circle.

How to Tell If You Are In The Zone

As many players should know, the audio in Apex can be lousy at times. Gamers should always be ready to fire, no matter where they are on the map.

Have An Escape Plan

The best players in Apex don't fight every opponent they see. Gamers should evaluate their chances of being successful in an engagement before firing their weapon.

Smart Engagements

Communication is extremely important in a game that requires carefully timed movements and turns.

Communication And Team Dynamics

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