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Apex Legends has eight different avatars to choose from in the battle royale offering. When Call of Duty: Warzone was released, the game saw a noticeable drop.


But thanks to the continued support of many well-known streamers like NICKMERCS and Dr. Disrespect, Apex has expanded rapidly.


Players are now spoiled for choice before every game as there are 21 different Legends to choose from. Newcastle is the newest addition to the roster as season 13 begins.


Let's see how the new Legend has changed the roster by checking out Season 13 legend pickup rates, giving us an idea of which Legends are the most liked.

Pathfinder – 9.5%

Despite being nowhere near as dominant back in its prime, Pathfinder still manages to be the top mobility-based legend in Apex Legends with a 9.5% pick rate.

Bloodhound – 8.6%

While Seer took home the title of 'Best Recon Legend' at the start of Season 10, that time was short-lived. The Bloodhound is an irreplaceable legend thanks to his tactical ability 'Eye of the Allfather'.

Valkyrie – 10%

When you're stuck in a corner or in a desperate situation, having a Valkyrie in your squad can be important. Plus, having Valkyrie's Skyward Dive Ultimate is incredibly useful in case you need to turn around and get out of a bad spot.

Wraith – 10.3%

Wraith was the face of the game at launch, and it's easy to see why. His abilities have yet to be changed or challenged, his portal allowing for smooth and strategic rotation.

Octane – 11.3%

Octane is a consistently high-picked legend in Apex, despite the nerfs the game has received since its release. His easy-to-use and highly effective abilities make for great singles play, but it also means he fits right in with team-based matches.