Apex Legends Mobile tips and tricks: How to be a champion in Apex Legends Mobile

The recently launched Apex Legends mobile has become increasingly popular on Android and iOS devices.  The game already has a dedicated player base on PC and consoles, who were eagerly waiting for its launch on mobile.

If you're new to Apex Legends Mobile (Review), the game can feel a bit overwhelming at first as it improves on the traditional shooter formula with characters and abilities.

This is probably the most important lesson you can learn when you're starting your Apex Legends career - stick with your squad.  Together you are much stronger than you are in isolation.

Stick with your squad

Standing still is a great way to take a shot.  It may take a while to get used to, but you'll have to learn to move and shoot at the same time, making yourself a more difficult target in the process.

Don’t stand still

While there are some good Legends to start with, and more to unlock as you progress through the ranks, it's important that you know what your role is on a team.  If you are a healer, make sure you are healing.

Learn your Legend

There are a lot of rewards waiting for you, which are spread across a whole bunch of different menus.  But it's worth grabbing them all whenever you get a chance.

Get your rewards

The more you play as a character, the more you will be able to strengthen them.  The various perks can really help, and they make your legend more useful in tough situations.

Equip your perks

To unlock the perks, press the Details button on the Characters page, then select the Unlock tab.  Equip them with the loadout menu on the left side of the screen.

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