Apex Legends Mobile requirements for Android and iOS devices

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It's been a few days since EA and Respawn Entertainment finally launched Apex Legends Mobile globally.

Despite being a standalone title, Apex Legends Mobile borrows almost every feature from its PC/console counterpart.

Respawn Entertainment's latest FPS title appears to be a direct competitor to successful shooters like COD Mobile and New State Mobile (PUBG New State).

As such, the in-game quality and resource requirements of EA's shooter seem to be on par with the previously mentioned titles.

The latest offering from EA generally supports a wide range of AOS and iOS devices.

Its performance is above average on most mid-range smartphones with some stuttering, while on premium devices, it boasts of an enhanced gameplay quality with an immersive experience.

Minimum system requirements (official)The minimum system requirements for the iOS devices: Device: iPhone 6S or later iOS version: 11.0 or later CPU: A9 Minimum ROM: 4 GB Minimum RAM: 2GB

System specifications (recommended)The system specs recommended by the developers for a higher-end and lag-free experience are: Device: iPhone 11 or later iOS version: 13.1 or later CPU: A13 Minimum ROM: 8 GB Minimum RAM: 4 GB

They fight it out in three-man squads on an abandoned island.  Gameplay is dependent on movement and aiming skills as well as strategies.